Ron Haydock

Rockabilly unissued

Years active c. 1958-c. 1977

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Chicago, Illinois, USA

Born April 17, 1940; Died Aug. 14, 1977 (aged 37), Victorsville, California


Discography & info  Ron Haydock

Ron Haydock & the Boppers

Ron Haydock (April 17, 1940, Chicago, Illinois – August 14, 1977, Victorville, California) was an American actor, screenwriter, novelist and rock musician.


Haydock's band, Ron Haydock and the Boppers, were heavily influenced by Gene Vincent. In August 1959, Cha Cha Records released their debut single, "99 Chicks"/"Be-Bop-A Jean." These tunes and 26 other tracks were reissued by Norton Records on the 1996 CD 99 Chicks, which had a vinyl release in 2005. He and his group also recorded just as The Boppers.   In the Hollywood B-movie industry, Haydock was an actor and screenwriter, working with director Ray Dennis Steckler. He also worked as a magazine editor. Haydock used a variety of pseudonyms, including Arnold Hayes, Lonnie Lord, Vin Saxon, Don Sheppard and Jerry Lee Vincent. As Vin Saxon, he was the author of adult fiction paperbacks during the 1960s and 1970s. As Arnold Hayes, he wrote graphic stories for Warren Publishing. Haydock was allegedly responsible for discovering actor Edgar Aghassi and setting him on a career in cult horror films.   In 1966, Haydock had suffered depression, and moved back to Chicago in 1967 where he recorded nearly a dozen acoustic demos (sources say). In the late 70s he made more novels, but didn't do any acting.   On August 14, 1977, Haydock was struck and killed by a truck while hitchhiking after visiting Steckler in Las Vegas; he was only 37. Coincidentally, his death happened two days before Elvis Presley’s.   Norton Records' Miriam Linna has written extensively about Haydock for liner notes, magazine articles and the book Sin-A-Rama (2004).  Read all text here >>> Ron Haydock

This release, Original release, CHA CHA 1001 (FR) [1976], unissued

Knock out (uniss.) rec. 1961   b/w   Rollin' Danny (uniss.) rec. 1960

Knock out (uniss.) - rec. 1961

Rollin' Danny (uniss.) - rec. 1960

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