Ronnie Molleen

Screaming Rock

Birth name, Ronnie Molleen

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Unknown Town, Hawaii, USA

Born / Died Unknown


Discography Ronnie Molleen

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No pic.! of Ronnie Molleen, the little info I could find see  and read full text at Billboard July 4 1960 - page 4!

King Adds Flock of New Talent

CINCINNATI—HaJ G. Neely, general manager of King Records, .. Also new on the label is the Hawaiian-born r.&b. singer, Ronnie Moleen, described by King officials as "a deep-voiced Little Richard." Moleen was inked by King on the recommendation of Freeman and the latter’s manager, Walt Sommers. Top side on Mo- leen’s initial King release is "Big Fat Mama."

Original release, KING 5365 (US) 1960 ; This release, repro KING 45-5365 [1974]

Rockyn’ up   b/w   Fat mama

Rockyn’ up - 1960

Fat mama - 1960

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