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The titles below (600 Series) were NOT issued in the 50's! They were legally issued in the 1970's by a French collector and fan by arrangment with Charly Records. All discs I have thru #605 have a notation to the right of the center hole saying"Prod. By H. Ferrero and Barbat Bros.". On all discs I have from #607 thru #613 the notation reads "Distr. By H. Ferrero and Barbat Bros."  All discs I have from #615 thru #626 have that notation replaced by "By Special Arrgt. ( Or "Arrangement") With Charly Records". The following quote is from A 11/09 eBay Auction By French Dealer "Wildestcatintown" - A few words about the SUN 600's series, those records are original 70's pressings of unissued 50's recordings. In any case they are bootlegs or re-issues of any kind, as they were never released before. The whole series (26 different numbers) were released in Nashville beetween 1976 & 1978, from the original SUN tapes by myself, my brother Herve & a friend of ours Henri Ferrero. They were pressed from 600 copies to 1400 copies, so they all are hard to find today."

The 600-series in my collection;  601-612, 614-615 & 617-618

15 artists, 19 tracks, All great Rockers with ”info” if such exists. Just click the pic. if you wanna listen to the music!

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