Sun 606 & 612 Sonny Burgess

Rockabilly unissued 

Birth name, Albert Austin ”Sonny Burgess

Born May 28, 1929 or 1931, not really sure here

always klick on pic’s.

Newport, Arkansas, USA

Born May 28, 1929; Died August 18, 2017 (aged 88), Little Rock, Arkansas


Albert Austin "Sonny" Burgess 

(May 28, 1929 – Aug. 18, 2017) was an American rockabilly guitarist and singer.


Burgess was born on a farm near Newport, Arkansas to Albert and Esta Burgess. He graduated from Newport High School in 1948. In the early 1950s, Burgess played boogie woogie music in dance halls and bars around Newport. Burgess, Kern Kennedy, Johnny Ray Hubbard, and Gerald Jackson formed a boogie-woogie band they called the Rocky Road Ramblers. In 1954, following a stint in the US Army (1951–53), Burgess re-formed the band, calling them the Moonlighters after the Silver Moon Club in Newport, where they performed regularly. After advice from record producer Sam Phillips, the group expanded to form the Pacers. … Read full text here >>> Sonny Burgess

Originally unissued Rockabilly, recorded at SUN studios 1956 - Originally released on SUN 606 [1976]

This release, ”Original release” SUN 606 [1976]

Feel so good (uniss.)  //  My babe (uniss.)

SUN 606Feel so good (uniss.) - rec. 1956

Originally unissued Rockabilly, recorded at SUN studios 1956 - Originally released on SUN 612 [1977]

This release, ”Original release” SUN 612 [1977]

Daddy blues (vers. 3, uniss.)  //  One night with you (uniss.)

SUN 612 - Daddy blues (vers. 3, uniss.) - ren. 1956

Razorback singles: SUN 606/612 - 1956  R-117 - 1964    R-120 - 1965

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