Oscar McLollie & Julia Lee

Rock ’n’ Roll / R&B

Birth name, Oscar Mack Lollie aka Oscar McLollie                      Years active mid. 1940s-c. 1980’s

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Oscar McLollie    & His Honey Jumpers


Kelly, Louisiana, USA

Born Sept. 22, 1924; Died July 4, 2008 (aged 83), Oakland, California


Oscar McLollie 

(born Oscar Mack Lollie, September 22, 1924 – July 4, 2008) was an American jump blues singer.


He was born in Kelly, Louisiana. He was drafted into service in World War II, and sang baritone with a vocal group, the Bullets, at USO shows. After the war he moved to Los Angeles, and sang in local jump blues bands before being recruited by Mercury Records, for a short time, as their West Coast A&R man for black music. He also recorded the song "I'm Hurt" for Mercury.

When McLollie's contract with Mercury ended, he returned to performing, and in 1953 was asked by Leon René and his son Rafael "Googie" René to record their song "The Honey Jump" for their new record label, Class. The upbeat song, with honking saxes and pounding piano, became a regional hit and was leased to Modern Records, but was covered more successfully by other artists. His follow-up, "All That Oil In Texas", was also successful locally. Oscar McLollie and his Honey Jumpers continued over the next few years to record a series of songs written by Leon or Googie René, including "God Gave Us Christmas", and "Lolly Pop" which was covered by Louis Jordan. … Read the original text here >>> Oscar McLollie

Dig That Crazy Santa Claus (alt. vers.) - 1954


Jeanette Baker,  Born June 7, 1938  Denver, Colorado. Husband, Johnny Flamingo

with Jeanette Baker - Hey Girl - Hey Boy - 1956

 Blues / Dirty Blues / R&B

Birth name, Julia Lee.               Years active c. 1927-c.1958

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Julia Lee

Boonville, Missouri, USA

Born Oct. 31, 1902; Died Dec. 8, 1958 (aged 56), Kansas City, Missouri


Info! Julia Lee

Julia Lee (October 31, 1902 – December 8, 1958) was an American bluesand dirty blues musician. Her inclusion in the latter category is mainly due to a few numbers she performed, e.g. "King Size Papa" and "Snatch and Grab It" and "The Spinach Song". However, it would be misleading to characterize her music as always being in this vein.


Born in Boonville, Missouri, Lee was raised in Kansas City, and began her musical career around 1920, singing and playing piano in her brother George Lee's band, which for a time also included Charlie Parker. She first recorded on the Merritt record label in 1927 with Jesse Stone as pianist and arranger, and launched a solo career in 1935. … Read the original text here >>> Julia Lee

If It's Good (fast vers.) - rec. 1946

Shake It and Break It - 1946

Last Call (For Alcohol) - 1952

Kansas City Boogie (instr.) [prev. uniss.] - 195? (released 1995)

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