Ray Coleman


Years active ca. 1957-????

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Essington, Pennsylvania, USA

Born Feb. 3, 1933, Died 1985 (aged 57)


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Ray Coleman (born February 3, 1933 in Essington, Pa ) is an American country and rockabilly musician.


Ray Coleman was born in 1933 in Essington, Pennsylvania. Even as a child, he was influenced by the country and learned to play the guitar . As a young and youthful man, he was fascinated by Bill Haley , who just became a local in Philadelphia with his band, the Four Aces of Western Swing .

Later, Coleman was discovered by Haley and Jack Howard, owner of the record label Arcade Records. Haley took him on tour and other public appearances in the early 1950s. In 1957, when rock 'n' roll had already hit the country, Coleman made his first recordings for Howard's arcade label and released the single Jukebox Rock and Roll / Rock, Chicken Rock . It followed in 1958 singles for the small Saliano label and Skyrocket Records, a sublabel of Arcade.

1956 Coleman was an appearance in the film Rock Around the Clock (German title: Except edge and volume ), in which could be seen under Bill Haley offered, however, was a disagreement between Coleman and producer Sam Katzman fail to cooperate.

In 1978 and 1980, Rollercoaster Records released a large part of Coleman's recordings on the LPs Rockaphilly! and The Return of Rockaphilly! released.  … Read all the original (German) text here >>> Ray Coleman

Rockaphilly!  Philadelphia Rock 'n' Roll

Everybodys Rockin’ Tonight (prev. uniss.) - 19??

Rockaphilly!  More Philadelphia Rock 'n' Roll

1. Rock With Me Baby (prev. uniss.) - 19??   2. I’m Rockin (take 1) - 19??   3. Toodle-Oo-Bamboo - 1959

Rockin' & Boppin' Billy In Philly

1. Jukebox Roll (prev. uniss.) - 19??   2. Rockin’ All The Time (take 1, alt. take) - 19??

Ultra Rare Rockabilly's vol. 12 

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