Unknown Artists!


All tracks: Unknown artists and unknown years also no Info to be found

Alldiodisc Recording Blanc

Whatcha Going To Do About Me

Compated Cats Vol. 2

 I Have Never Had A Broken Heart

Desperate Rock 'N' Roll Vol 20

Blond Head Woman

Grand Daddy's Rockin' Vol 3

I'm Coming Home

Hokey Pokey Rock

Why do you do it  (private unrel. home recorded)

All American Rock'n'Roll The Fraternity Story Vol 2 (2001)

Knock me out (prev. uniss.)

Great Dixie Rock And Roll (?)

1. Good Lovin’

2. Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go

Hoodlum Rockin' Vol. 5

Hard rock

Hot Steamy Lovers Vol 3

1. Whole lot a shakin' goin’ on

2. That'll be the day

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