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European Championships 1998, G-27 & G-7

This year the European Championship for wingcars were held in Plzen in the Chech Republic.
The club has build a new building for their Ogilvie King and the whole place was really nice. A lot of space, light and, a wall to wall carpet. Maybe a wall to wall carpet is not the best for a slot-track but it kept the noice level down and if your car falls to the floor you wont have any dust in the tires just some braid on your car to fix.
The race place has a great future in hand and it´s location, within walkin distance from the center is great.

For this year they had installed some new power supplies (two blank boxes of some kind) which made the power a little bit higher, and better, than last year.

Drivers from 7 countries were present. Finland, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland.
Finland, as always, had a lot of top drivers in the mains but also Sweden did well.
In G-7, 6 out of 8 drivers came from either Finland or Sweden. G-27 saw 7 drivers from either Sweden or Finland in the main.
It was, however, none of those that won any main.

Qualifying saw good stuff from the Finns. Annti with a 2.096 heads Kimmos 2.163. Third was Peter Caprez 2.185 and fourth Lasse Åberg 2.210
The main was a close competition between Vladimir Horky and Anders Gustafson. In the last heat Horky had more to give and won the race.
Amazingly, it was said that he used the same motor in qualifying, semi- and the main.

MAIN G-27.
Friday, October 2,1998 14:33

1 Vladimir Horky 893.06
2 Anders Gustafson 882.01
3 Kimmo Rautama 881.01
4 Einari Fyhr 869.08
5 Jari Portinen 856.02
6 Anti Immonen 840.01
7 Pekka Sippola 829.00
8 Stefan Törnfeldt 820.05


Mario Schöne won the G-7 qualifying 1.874. 2:nd was Kimmo 1.884, 3:rd Vladimir Horky 1.886 and 4:th Lasse Åberg 1.915.
In the main , the G-27 winner Horky took a lead in front of Mario. Horkys lead increased in the following two heats until Mario got up to speed and after the 6:th heat they were within a lap from each other.
Mario had the speed and raced to a win and a plane ticket to Brazil.

Beware of the georgeous girls in Brazil, Mario.

European Championship Plzen 1998
Sunday, October 4,1998 14:51

1 Mario Schöne 965.06
2 Vladimir Horky 951.04
3 Lasse Åberg 914.02
4 Anders Gustafson 914.00
5 Juha Yli-sipola 912.01
6 Einari Fyhr 890.09
7 Sauli Hjerpe 874.01
8 Jari Portinen 866.01


More results

Thank´s to the Atis computer system I can provide you with all sorts of results. The results are in plain, monospace, txt-files, no html. You will get into directories from were you can view the files as they came out from the time system.
If you are in to some serious analyzing, you could take a look an print the final27.txt and the final7.txt files. Prepare to change paper in your printer. I haven´t printed them myself but I belive you will need a few dozen or so.

G-7 To the directory and .txt files from the G-7 race

G-27 To the directory .txt files from the G-7 race

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