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1999 World Championship in G7, Mönsterås Sweden

This is a very short story from the Worlds. You can view the results and the end of this story.

The new World Champion is Mario Shöne, Germany.
It wasn't any surprise that he won. He was together with Vladimir Horky and Juha Yli-Sippola my favourite. I did, of course, believe in myself. Maybe more than previous years and even more after winning the warm-up race and qualifying well.

In the warm-up race I tried a new chassi and one of my bodies that I knew wasn't among the best ones I had.
I qualified well, to be me, turned a 1.91 lap which is just slightly slower than my ever best.

In the main I only ran two motors which were new combinations and I could have used the first one through the whole main since it looked really good due to a lot of choke.
I won the race ahead of Juha Yli-Sippola who was three laps behind me. Finishing strong beating Antti Immonen in third.

For the World Championships I felt, for the first time in many years that I could follow Mario and other peoples pace.

The qualifying on Saturday went well, Assi Maisenbacher won the qualifying and I came fourth with a 1,83 second lap and by that didn't have to drive the quarters and heats.

On Sunday it was time for semis and main. I took lane 8 (red) because I was afraid of it and wanted to practise on it prior to start. It didn't go well but not that bad doing 59 laps.
Next lane was lane 6 and to my horror I couldn't get through dead-man until I choked down. I was tight into the turns and loose exiting.
I only did 56 laps there and got worried.

Lane 4 proved to have the same type of grip as lane 6 had and now I knew I had to do something since it was not only one bad lane but a change in conditions to what I had experienced before on that track.
During the rest of the semi I tried different tyre hardness and rubber type but newer got any car that worked well. I knew that if I only can get the car to work I will be able to reach the main by laps taking one of the two last spots but that was not to happen and I ended seventh in my semi.

6:th of June, Click here to view the results, they are in Acrobat format and you will need Adobe Acrobat to view it.
Results from Bengt G:son Nilsson, Team21

24:th of June. Click here to go to RL site with results and some images from the race.

Warm Up Final 14:th of May 1999

Pos. Driver, country, started on lane Total Heat1 Heat2 Heat3 Heat4 Heat5 Heat6 Heat7 Heat8
1 Lasse Åberg, Sweden, 6 890 115 106 115 114 110 115 107 108
2 Juha Yli-Sipola, Finland, 8 887 105 112 113 107 104 111 114 121
3 Antti Immonen, Finland, 1 882 97 116 119 114 96 118 108 114
4 Vlado Okali, Slovakien, 5 848 124 106 76 116 113 111 85 117
5 Einar Fyhr, Finland, 7 802 114 70 94 108 100 95 109 112
6 Gugu Bernardino, Brazil, 2 764 107 79 73 121 90 61 113 120
7 Anders Gustafson, Sweden, 3 760 113 112 97 96 44 111 101 86
8 Vladimir Horky, Czech Rep., 4 631 110 106 100 67 104 104 40 0


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1999 Lasse Åberg