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Gothenburg 1000

Partille, Sweden, 2-3:rd of December 2000

Mats Hummel started the idea to race at GO-69's twisty scale track outside Gothenburg.
Together with Kim Mortenssen Mats took the trip to Partille and I joined them there since I, Lasse Åberg, had been working in a nearby town.

The track looked like no other track that I have raced on in Sweden. I am used to wingcar racing and this was racing on a track suited for scale cars and that was what we were going to race.


During practise on Friday I noticed that I wasn't able to keep up with some of the Production cars even when I used my Eurosport car. Practise, practise and some more practises are what are needed.


We started the racing on Saturday with Production qualifying. To my amazement I took the top-spot, which is rather unlike me, with the time 5,342.
Because of that qualifying I went directly to the main which meant that some of the much needed practise went away.

In the main Mikael Landrud, Lasse Å started well. Quite early it was clear that the fight would be among Mikael Landrud, Anders Gustafson, Lasse Törn and maybe Berra Ljundahl.
In the end Anders took a clear win in front of Lasse Törn and Mikael Landrud. The fourth spot was close between Lasse Å, Berra and Krisoffer and a collision at the end made it even more close.

Resultatlista Gothenburg 1000

Production group 12

2/12 2000

TQ Lasse Åberg 5,342 sek
1 Anders Gustafson 245 varv
2 Lasse Törn 241
3 Mikael Landerud 238
4 Lasse Åberg 233
5 Berra Ljungdahl 232,40
6 Kristoffer Johansson 232,35
7 Lasse Pettersson 219
8 Kent Lundström 183
9 Ulf Törn 218
10 Thomas Schüler 216,60
11 Janne Ekman 216,35
12 Benny Jademyr 208
13 Stefan Törnfeldt 196
14 Lars Harrysson 190
15 Mia Ekman 182
16 Mats Hummel 171
17 Janne Andersson 166
18 Wictor Wideheim 163
19 Kim Mortensen 141

Winner Anders Gustafson, Vimmerby MS

3:rd place Mikael Landrud, 1:st place Anders Gustafson, 2:nd place Lasse Törn.

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