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The race of the century

13th Christmas Benelux Cup Model Car Racing

Information from the JGTC News 4, 1 december 2000.

On January 27, 2001 I.M.C.A organises the yearly Coupes de Benelux a 12-hour endurance race for Pla-Fit model cars.
This year teams from Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Spain and Czech Republic are invited.
(The interest has been low from Swedish racers, when I Lasse asked earlier, to try Pla-Fit racing)

At the same time it's planned to decide who is the best slotracer on the IOC all-time top ranking list.
Jan Limpach is leading 371,5 points followed by Vladimir Horky 365 points, and Lasse Åberg 353,5 points.

Besides the team entries three current World Champions are invited to join some of the teams.
Lasse Åberg, Sweden, G-7 champion. Josef Korec, CZ, Eurosport 24 and Geert Mertens, Belgium, model cars.

The race will be at prime time on TV, TV6 on VTM.


Some thoughts from Lasse.
To race Pla-Fit cars on small tracks are something different that wingcars or even Eurosport racing but can be fun to do. To "jump" in to this without having tried such cars on that type of tracks are not easy especially when you have to use a standard controller.
The organisers have thought about this and are offering cars for some drivers and, also, if you join a team you might be lucky that the other drivers know how or what to do with the car.

Will I go to the race? Probably not. That weekend, when the race is taking place, are we, at my work, attending a fair and I am doing demonstrations what our software and system can do.
I will, however, try to see if I could solve this someway.



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