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World Championship in Slotracing G7
Sao Paolo, Brazil 2000

Results from the main can be found at Arturs site

Sunday to Friday
We, Stefan Törnfeldt, Anders Gustafson and me came to Sao Paolo on Sunday morning, 05,30.
Ze Mario was nice to pick us up at the airport and we went to the hotel to check in and then to the track to practise. Of course.
Then, from that day, Sunday morning, and time we were at the track until late night Sunday, actually Monday one week later.

We managed to do some warm-up races from which I don't have any results.
I did a 1,73 in the qualifying.
I know that I got third in the G-7 warm-up race. Anders Gustafson was also in that main together with the Finn's Petteri and Jari P and some more drivers.
The main had a lot of crashes.

I did not however, as the rest of the Swede's did, stay at the track all the time. Thanks to Andy Wasserman we got a chance to visit MTV's studio in Brazil and walk around the whole building and see everything there was to se including the nice, cute girls you se on TV.
There was much more normal computers used in the production than I had imagined.

We Swede's also managed to visit a shopping mall but hadn't cash enough to shop at Emporio Armani, or the other stores like that, that were there.

To try out chassis or bodies was hard since everything worked. What you had to look out for was how it would work when the track became dirty and sticky.

The timer was a piece of joke in practise mode. I don't know if it's called SRT or something like that but it was really, really bad. It gave false times. 2,04 followed by a 2,25 then a 2,14. The 2,14 were probably a correct time.

In the G-27 I qualified with the time 1,830, which also Stefan did. I was a few thousands faster only.
Everyone had to race quarters and/or consys. I was the only one from Sweden or Finland to reach the semis, which meant that I had access to the best motors that existed in those two countries and I was, without any chance in the Semi.
That's something to think about in G-27. Motors and cars can be even quicker that what we have seen in our part of the World.

I left the track just after 02.00 after done my marshalling. The next morning at 09.00 I was at the track, again.


I started my first attempt with my 17t 25 and did a 1,77 which was slower than expected but in the bye round I put in my best qualifier I have which I have saved for this. I hoped to do a 1,6 something with that.
I put the car at the track and accelerated. At once I heard a, not nice, sound. But ignored it. The motor gave up in the bank just before the timer in overheating. Still I managed to do a 1,79. I later found out that I had lost one magnet. What about that, doing 1,79 with a 3-mag motor!

The other Swede's? Stefan borrowed my practise chassie. The one I did 1,73 with. He put his Beuford built body and a fast motor and turned a 1,6805913 lap to become second man in qualifying. Only Zdenek Benes was faster with a1,6752275.
It would have been nice if Stefan had done just a bit faster.

I was 9:th in qualifying and Kimmo 10:th. Anders was 19:th.
24:th place had 1,988.

Stefan had some weird problems. The car wouldn't start on until he gave, more or less, full speed. The same occurred on another lane. He than changed to Anders controller and then the car worked fine. Stefan later did a really fast black lane. Anti Immonen had something similar. He discovered that a screw had come lose in his controller. Assi Maisenbacher also had similar problems, both in G-27 and in G-7.
Anders had one gear that spun and later a gear broke down after colliding with Vlado.

Neither of them reached the semis after those problems.

The Main
In the main I started on green and turned only 121 but I was still tied in 3:rd place together with Petteri. Gordo was in the lead in front of Gugu.

In the second heat I did 136 laps and felt good about that until I realised that Gordo had done the same and Gugu and Petteri had both done 133 laps. Well I was now alone in 3:rd place.

In the third heat, on purple, I did again turn 136 laps just to notice that it was the same amount of laps that Gordo had turned. Gugu did 135. Petteri dropped off now.

In heat four I was on black lane and made 130 laps and Gordo 130. Gugu did 103 and was now far behind.

Everything felt good now leaving the gutter lanes. I topped the blue, purple and black lanes.
Now on yellow I felt fast but collided with Vlados car while he on white couldn't start on the straight and his car came down and I hit him in full speed.
My motor fell lose and the chassie got very bent. I was able to put the motor back in a very strange angle but with an acceptable gear mesh. A 102 lap heat was the result and everything felt bad and lost. I was still in second place just three laps ahead of Gugu.
In the pause I took a look to the chassie and bent some more on it and changed motor since the one in needed to be soldered in properly.
I believe that Juha and some others also did some bending before heat 6 started.
Anders shortened the braid really short since the car was not good and really did need everything to help it get started.

Heat 6 was full of crashes. Vlados car hadn't become better after the crash in the previous heat. I did 114 laps and Gordo did 121 laps.
Since the chassie was so bent we put on new large tires to get some more ground clearance and bent the frontspoiler so it at least pointed downwards. Horky and Skinner gave up now.

Now the car felt good. Gordo broke a motor on black lane and came back so that we were exactly equal on laps. I changed my pace and to a 4-5 laps lead over him when we both were on the track and then, he overcooked it and burn the motor he just had put in.
Now I had a healthy lead going into the difficult red lane.

I took it easy and played save, maybe to slow. Anders got afraid that it might heat up the motor to go that slow. I drove a secure 124 laps not, if I recall right, falling off or crash.

World Champion again after 16 years since the last time.

The race had a lot of hard crashes and if you stopped for a car laying on your lane in a turn you often got hit by another one.
The main stopped late in the evening and after the price ceremony the time was past midnight and some of us were going to take a bus to Rio de Janeiro the next morning so any celebrations, except for emptying the tracks supply of beer, didn't happened.

1:st Lasse Åberg, Sweden, 997
2:nd Gordo Ribiero, Brazil, 965.
3:rd Gugu Bernardino, Brazil.951
4:th Petteri Pirhonen, Finland. 934
5:th Vlado Okali. Slovakia. 886
6:th Jose Mario, Brazil. 812
7:th Vladimir Horky. Czech Republic. 514
8:th Skinner, U.S.A. 483


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