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Brazilian Nat's 2001 at Monza Automodelismo

A trip to Brazil

Wednesday 31:st of October

16:00 Rain. It was raining the whole day. I had decided to travel to the airport with a commuter train and bus. Already 100 meter from home my shoes were wet. Have you ever tried to carry one heavy suitcase, one heavy slotbox and one umbrella protecting you from the rain at the same time?
Not possible.

In the plane from Stockholm to Frankfurt I was sitting beside a 10-11 year old girl for whom flying was normal. She had done it many times she said.
Her tray with food looked better than mine. I got fish.
Fair enough, to my coffee I got whisky.

22:30 Frankfurt. I was lucky to get a Gentleman besides me who only spoke Portuguese. I got to my seat early in the plane. When it was almost full one passenger called my attention. I was sitting on his seat, he claimed. It turned out that we both had reservations for the same seat. Lucky for me that I went onboard early. What happened with him I still don't know.

Only 6.000 Kilometers to go.

The first thing served on the aircraft from Frankfurt to Sao Paulo was some potato kangaroos!
The tasted good together with a stiff whisky.

10 hours left.

Dinner. Salmon or chicken. Stupid question. Why this fish thing?
When I in work used to fly to Norway they always tried to serve me fish in different kinds and tastes.
I opted for red wine to the dinner.

No whisky? Well, Conjac is okay.

9 hours left.

The movie had a variety of languages to chose from. I scrolled the list of sound for the movie and for music. I was not, however, not clear if I preferred Portuguese or German.
I found Dr. Alban on channel and stayed there.

10:00 (my time) Thursday. Just one hour left of flying.

Arrival. 08:00 local time. Where is Gugu?
I looked around trying to find him. I had some phone-numbers, which I tried to call, but failed.
Since I don't speak Portuguese I didn't know what the operator said.

At the information desk I tried to see if Gugu had left any messages to me but no.
It was warm compared to the Sweden I left so I decided to change clothes. After that I tried to call Gugu again without any success. Then, there was Gugu. He had also walked around looking for me.

We squeezed into Gugu's rental car, Gugu, Dudu, Gugus daughter, Jeremy Cranes and me.
First we went to Gugu's Red Fox Raceway where I later got picked up by the owner of Monza, Antonio.

He first drove to the hotel and then to the track where I left my slotbox and then back to the hotel. This was very good since I fast learned how I could find the track from the hotel.

The hotel was nice and the room had both a workbench for slotcars and, an oven to cure magnet glue!

Well prepared. Owen to cure magnet glue and potato chips while waiting.




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