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10:th World Championship Model Car Racing

16:th Nations Cup Slot-Racing
Depenbeek-Belgium 23-25 November 2001

Anders Gustafsons Porsche GT2

What are Model cars

You have wing-cars, which are superfast "things" that are built for pure performance where you don't have anything on the car that is not needed to go fast.

Then, to go slower, you have scale cars, which are very developed, where the bodies should look somewhat "normal".

A model car is something where you take a body from a normal plastic model kit and builds a car around. This is far from a newcomer class since a crash with a quarter of a kilogram car produces spectacular crashes compared to everything else.

There are good coverage on both the I.M.C.A. website and on Old Weird Herald so I will not tell you so much about the actual races but rather something around it and some images that I took.

The model or the real car?

The race took place in Diepenbeek in Belgium. Geert Mertens had put down a lot of work with putting up the track and things around it, which probably took his toll on his performance during the races.

J.P. van Rossem and his crew, Andy Wasserman, Jan Limpach, Bob Demeyer among them, lot's of more people were involved, run the races where four web cameras covered the track and a TV crew came in for the main race.

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