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10:th World Championship Model Car Racing

If you fell down from the track into the floor you were out for the rest of the racing.

The computer system they had turned the power on the track before the race started.
You had lights that turned on like in Formula 1 and when they all were on there was a random delay before they all turned black and then you could go.
If you went to early your lane power was turned off for three second and you could see how the rest of the field took of while you squeezed your controller.


There is a lot of job in the beginning to build the car when you don't know how things will fit. My car before I put stickers on it J

The track

Drivers meeting.
There were two of these big stands for spectators.

Racers from South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil and the U.S.A. turned adding up an impressive line up together with the half dozen other countries in Europe who had racers present.

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