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European Championship 2001.
G-27 and G-7

Uden, Holland.

By Lasse Åberg

I came home on monday evening from the race having a headache and a cold and went directly to bed and I have not yet unpacked my things from the race.

Travelling to Uden

We, Stefan Törnfeldt, Anders Gustafson, Mikael Landrud and Lasse Åberg travelled together and thanks to Stefan and our knowledge from TV how they repair cars in Nascar we knew how to proceed when the fenders touched the wheels.

No problem!

The trip went quite well except for a roadwork close to Bremen where we got stuck for about two hours.

We later found out that the queue got longer and that the Finn's got stuck there for more than three hours and came very very late to the hotell.

What to do at the Arrows hotel if you only get stuck for two hours in the traffic instead of four J

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