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Race of the Champions

Coupé de Benelux 2001 (Mixed teams race)

The organizers J.P. van Rossem

By Lasse Åberg.

Some short notes from the race.

A race report can be read from the official site. You will find a link on the second page to that site.
We raced 12-hours divided in 30-minute heats
In the first heat the team of Peter Ackermans/Lamberto Bosch/Mike Timmermans drove well on a good middle lane.
In the second heat the "Swedish" team (well, it was a mixed team) took the lead.
After three hours we, the Swedish team, lost a lot of laps. In the fourth hour we took more than 30 laps back but then we lost:
Rear window
Rear wing
Front light
A lot of laps!
Now was also a time in the race when a lot of the cars suffered body fatigue.
The Vanneste Mercedes ran into motor problem. After a while they suspected the controller but after checking that they found out that the car was faulty. Unfortunately that heat had to be rerun. More value for the cash.:-)

The winners. Maya Willockx and "Piki" van Rossem.

2:nd placed mixed team. Kristof Klinkers, Lasse Åberg and Anders Gustafson

3:rd placed team. P.Ackermans/L.Bosch/M.Timmermans (Left to right may not be correct)

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