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European 1/24 LMS
9h. of "de pits" Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

The first round of the European 1/24 LMS series, ended into the following results.

1. B-24 (NL), with 3217 laps
2. Sideways (NL), with 3140 laps
3. Auspuff racing (NL), with 3096 laps
4. Gurtzgen racing (D), with 3037 laps
5. Smokey (NL), with 3017 laps
6. Low Budget racing (NL), with2978 laps
7. OLT (NL), with 2972 laps
8. Simpleminds (B), with 2947 laps
9. Dream Team (NL), with 2941 laps
10. Matchbox (NL), with 2938 laps
11. KBBL (B), with 2821 laps
12. Ice-Team (B), with 2689 laps
13. Special Frank (D), with 2390 laps
14. Magna racing (B), with 2174 laps

We regret the absence of Ivan Basas and Kurt Petri, who were not able to attend this event. We hope this championship of 1/24 Plafit racing can grow into a big international field of well experienced drivers. If you don't want to recieve any more information on this championship, please reply this message with "REMOVE" into the subject lane.

Paul Schietekat "de pits" : biggist race-centre of Belgium Lindenstraat 44 9100 Sint-Niklaas



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