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Mönsterås 20:th of January

By Lasse Åberg

It was a long time since we the last time raced in Mönsterås. Anders Gustafson together with Team21's Bengt G:son Nilsson hosted the race.

Mats Hummel and I took Mats good Mazda for a trip down to Mönsterås. We came down on Friday evening and tried out the cars we had with us. I had not built anything special or sorted out what to use. I was rather that I took with me what was left from the Zlin race, which included tires and bodies, and that was what Mats and I raced on.


In qualifying, to my surprise, I was fastest with a 2,135 lap.

Mats qualified to the B-final and his car was not really good. Since he hasn't raced wingcars at all during the 90:s he had a tough time with that car.

It wasn't that much easier for me either. I guess I had the same type of problem as Mats had which made me somewhat puzzled. It's in a way good if two cars having the same type of downforce configuration behaves equal but still annoying since they behaved so bad and, winning qualifying can't be done with a bad slippery car and, the track was not perfect during the test and these cars were the ones that worked best for us.

Henrik Carlsson made a good return and won this class. The race was not clean and I am sure that his "decades" of racing in the "Serie Väst" has done well for him.


Here both Mats car and mine were much better and we both did well.

Mats won his B-Final and got a fourth place overall.

In the A-Final Anders Gustafson was the early pacesetter until the second heat when I took over the lead, which I held until the end. I drove the first six heats with one motor since I wanted to try a new combination. To keep the pace up I put in another motor in the seventh heat. That motor was much faster than I expected. What was really sad was that I lost one magnet about three minutes into the last heat and pushed that poor motor to high temperatures since I wanted to take a new track record. Mats helped me out once by pouring some soda into the motor to cool it down somewhat.

Results can be seen in a PDF-file from Anders Gustafson.

To see some images from the race click here.

To see some G-7 action from the race visit SSC site, choose "Bilder och Film" and then click on the link in the bottom right corner. You will need Quick Time and patience since it's 5MByte large.



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