At Wednesday Burkhard Werner was the first racer who arrived to train the track and himself. Most of the racers came on Thursday from Germany, Swiss, Netherlands, Czech Republik and Slovakia. The longest trip had Vlado with nearly 800 KM.

Vlado Okali

With several World-, European- and German-Cahmpions it seemed to become high-class-races again. Mac, Dirty and Thommy managed the races well as directors.

On Thursday the Swiss-Racers tried to beat Frank and Thommy at the bar by drinking a lot of beer and wine to get some pizzas down until 5 o'clock in the morning.

The G27-Teamrace started with a highlight of Assi and Thommy by setting a new qualifying-record with 37.42 laps in 2 minutes with drivers-change after 1 minute. They kept their performance during the whole race, set a new mark at lane 1 (252,84 laps) and won after 90 minutes with 1.450 laps without any problems. Only 3 pairs of braid and 2 tires (Alpha-Wonder) kept the costs at a very low level.

G-27 team-race winner. Assi Maisenbacher and Thomas Weckerle

The G7-Race started with a new track-record of Assi (2.308) during practise. At qualifying he showed his constant-power by going directly to the semis with 2.424 beside of Zdenek with 2.619. Burkhard Werner left the raceway with the words "never again" by unknown reason. After doing so Fritz reached the semis. Dieter had some problems with his eyes and missed the semis. The semis saw a very fast PK. He missed the final only because of the move-up system (3 of each semi). The final started for leading Thommy with a lost pinion. This happened again in the last heat, so he only could finish on 4. place. The first 4 heats saw Frank leading until a crash throw him back to place 3. The last 2 heats have been a battle between Assi and Vlado. Assi took the win at the last minute.

At the price-giving ceremony the racers could choose very nice prices of nearly

DM 5.000.

Despite of the chaotic beginning of the G7-final we have seen fantastic races and everybody had a lot of fun and success. We hope seeing all racers again at the X-Races 2002. May be some Blue King – Stars will try their luck on a flat track next year. But usually they only race on tracks with banked curves.

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