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SSC Kvällsrace, not!

Rather a small warm-up race.

Monday 15:th of October.

 Next Monday we will race a small evening race (Kvällsrace in Swedish). A few of us meet up this Monday and Mats Hummel prepared the track and we talked and drove some laps.

Before the evening was over we drove a small race. The qualifying order was determined via a very thought out system where a two random numbers in combination with cellphone numbers could be arranged so that a two digit number easily showed the qualifying order to everyone's astonishment.

First out was Juha Honkanen who drove a 4,382 lap with his Prime Racing powered Champion Turbo-Flex car.
Lasse Åberg came close with one of Juha's "spare" cars driving a 4,413 with a Parma Flexi-3.
The last qualifier was Rickard Lundh who's first lap was a mid 4,4 time. In one of his last laps he recorded a 4,386 time which put him in second place. He drove a JK Scorpio (?).

Since the time was running late and one of the racers had his small son with him we decided to just run a one five minute heat without any Marshall's. The driver himself was responsible to put his car back on the track if falling off.
The qualifying result gave the order for lane picks and the middle lanes were picked early.

It was not that fun on the outerlanes especially blue and yellow since few laps had been done on those lanes.

Already the first two laps some of the drivers got involved in a crash leaving Juha and Lasse in a small lead. It was easy to se that Rickard Lundh was the fastest on the track but he also had to fight back after the early crashes. Mats Hummel was not that comfortable with the glue on the track. Lasse drove somewhat slowly not really comfortable with the rental 4-ohm controller.


1. Lasse Åberg 58
2. Rickard Lundh 57
3. Juha Honkanen 51
4. Mikael Eskilsson 47
5. Mats Hummel 39
6. Olle Åkerstam


Monday 22:nd of October is the date for the next "Kvällsrace"
If you are in the Stockholm area then and have a Saloon car. Show up for some racing!



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