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SSC Kvällrace 15 (or so?) Monday 22:th of October.

It was Monday and time for some Saloon racing. It has been a long time since the last time. The whole summer and most of the fall.

We used to have a Saloon race every fortnight but a lot of the members in the Club felt that it was to often to race every fortnight so we changed it to once per month hoping that it would increase the amount of starters.

We did therefore this time hope that we would see a big field of racers but it turned up to be the same old people that normally race. What was fun was that we had some visitors there who tried some cars and asked questions.

To the racing.

In the qualifying Lasse Åberg were first to try the track and since he didn't know which lane was best the tried two lanes during the one-minute qualifying. A trend that most followed.
He recorded a 4,370.

Micke Sundgren was next in line lapping a 4,906. Then it was Marcus Hammenstad's turn. He also tried two lanes 4,568 on one of the lanes and 4,569 on the other he tried. A noticeable difference!
Mikael Eskilsson drove faster than Marcus, 4,565. Close!
P.J. came late and with no practice he drove a good 4,618.

Rickard Lundh was next, going second fastest with a 4,477 and finally Mats Hummel drove a 4,653.

The track seemed to be somewhat more difficult that last week.

Semifinal B

The racing was close. At the most there were two laps of difference between the first three. To notice, the first two went to the main. The third had to hope to get to the main with laps.
Rickard won 143 laps ahead of Mats 142 and they went directly to the main.
Marcus was third 141 and Mikael Sundgren fourth 128.

Semifinal A

Lasse won the semi with 149 laps in front of Mikael Eskilsson 144 and P.J. 135.

This meant the Marcus from Semifinal B was in the main.
Due to the lack of marshals we drove with five people in the main.

The Main final

Since we had no race director. The computer ran the show, I don't have any heat results.

Lasse started of well on red lane and was in a lead. Red is not the fastest lane but it's often good since you don't crash into other cars that much.

The main was very very close and as soon as someone fell of the track he would lose on or two places.


1. Lasse Åberg 223
2. Mikael Eskilsson 212
3. Marcus Hammenstad 210
4. Rickard Lundh 209
5. Mats Hummel 208

After race

The race was over somewhere after 20.00 and then some of the visitors tried some cars.
I put on a G-7 car that I have to show people but the track was difficult. We then drove some laps, put some glue on, took away some choke and suddenly we could do below 2.5 with 15 feet of choke, which is very good. And that with a track which was mostly glued for Saloon racers.

P.J. had put together an Eurosport with one of those ultra small motors. The motor was much to fast so we put on 25 feet of choke and without sorting anything out with the cars. We didn't try any tires or so we could do several 3.7 laps. After this P.J. want to do more Eurosport on the track as well as G-27 wing cars.
No bad idea. Marcus went home with a G-27 car so it might be some wing car racing besides the Saloon cars.



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