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2001 Worlds

   GP 7 - 5/6/01

      TQ - George Teman - 1.659 (World Record)

      1st - Beuf Pederson(USA)--------1076 (Track Record??)

      2nd - Mike Swiss(USA)-----------1069

      3rd - Mario Shone(Germany)------1057

      4th - Paul Ciccarillo(USA)-------1039

      5th - Anders Gustafson(Sweden)--1014

      6th - Dracula(Brazil)-----------924

      7th - Zdenek Benes(Czech)-------819

      8th - Boyt Johnson(USA)---------751

      An excellent drive by Beuf nets him yet another title for his growing
collection.George Teman's smokin' TQ will be tough to beat also

  GP 27 - 5/5/01

      TQ - Benny Justice - 1.877

      1st - Sherri Pederson(USA)------820 (World Record)

      2nd - Josef Korec(Czech)--------819

      3rd - Horky(Czech)--------------813

      4th - Marty Maltaberger(USA)----804

      5th - Vlado(Czech)--------------795

      6th - Benny Justice(USA)--------714

      7th - Zdenek Benes(Czech)-------684

      8th - Gu Gu Bernardino(Brazil)--479

      This race was incredible!The line-ups in the semis could have been any
Nats main event.The main saw numerous lead changes and some of the closest
and most professional racing it has been my privelege to see.The top runners
ran in the 2.1s regularly and were on a record pace from the start.All four
of the racers from the Czech Republic made the main and were ultra sharp all
week.The last heat had Sherri and Josef in a very close battle for the win
that was settled by sections.

      P.S. Josef gets my vote for MVP of this years Worlds and Sherri is 6
months pregnant.Best of luck to them both!

Group 10 - 4/27/01

      1st - Erkle-----------320

      2nd - Jason Bauer-----318

      3rd - Big Al Montoro--317

      4th - J.P.------------317

      5th - Keith Bauer-----303

      6th - Gary Jr.--------296

      7th - Ed Mac----------292

      8th - Chris C---------229

      GTP - 4/27/01

      1st - Big Al Montoro--332

      2nd - Erkle-----------329

      3rd - Jason-----------322

      4th - Jay H-----------303

      5th - Gary Jr.--------297

      6th - Chris C---------287

      7th - Mike V----------235

      8th - Keith-----------98

      Amateur Box Stock - 4/28/01

      TQ - Ralph Amitrano - 2.543 (track record)

      1st - Frank Sena---459

      2nd - Nick Nagle---457

      3rd - Bob B.-------453

      4th - DDDerek------442

      5th - Henry--------442

      6th - John Acello--431

      7th - Joe S.-------423

      8th - Ralph--------413

      Congrats to Frank Sena on an excellent drive for the World
Championship!!Also to Ralph,a relative newcomer.Watch out for these two in
times to come.

     Pro Box Stock - 4/28/01

      TQ - Chris Gomes - 2.524

      1st - Brian Greco----------488 (world record)

      2nd - Larry Pellegrini-----482

      3rd - Dennis Luttenberger--467

      4th - Dan Weiner-----------463

      5th - ---- Bauer-----------456

      6th - Jim Verga------------446

      7th - Kenny Piccola--------442

      8th - Chris Gomes----------184

      What can you say?From the opening laps of this race it was evident
that this was the way it was gonna go.The racing was close and no mistakes
were made.The finish of this one was followed by a tremendous round of
applause,and it was well deserved!Well done!

      International 15 - 4/29/01

      TQ - Dennis Luttenberger - 2.274

      1st - Keith Bauer---- 523(world record)

      2nd - Erkle---------- 516

      3rd - Charlie 2-Fast- 514

      4th - Rich Humphries- 509

      5th - Jason Bauer---- 509

      6th - Jeff Bechtel--- 504

      7th - Ralph Amitrano- 479

      8th - Bill Skinner--- 386

      I was in this race and it was the most intense race in years.The
closing heats saw 2 lead changes with a final heat that included a battle
for second that will be remembered for a loooong time.Congrats to Keith
Bauer,National and now World Champion!

      1/24 Eurosport - 5/2/01

      TQ - Vladimir - 2.600

      1st - Josef Korec(Czech)----------562

      2nd - Gu Gu Bernardino(Brazil)----561

      3rd - Erkle(USA)------------------511

      4th - Vladimir(Czech)-------------504

      5th - Vlado(Czech)----------------489

      6th - Lou Pirro(USA)--------------469

      7th - John Shoenfeld(USA)---------388

      8th - Jay Kisling(USA)------------131

      A great race to witness.I guess all of Erkle's GTP and GP 10
experience paid off as this was his first ever Eurosport race.Nice job!

      GP 27 Warm-up - 5/2/01 (Round Robin)

      TQ - Vlado - 1.967

      1st - Boyt Johnson(USA)---------777

      2nd - Benny Justice(USA)--------743

      3rd - Bill Skinner(USA)---------729

      4th - Osvaldo Vaccari(Brazil)---726

      5th - Anders Gustafson(Sweden)--724

      6th - Spove(USA)----------------710

      7th - Doug Bauer(USA)-----------610

      8th - Vlado(Czech)--------------606

      9th - Zdenek Benes(Czech)-------528

      This race gave me new found respect for race directors everywhere!They
drafted ME for the job,and it's a dirty one for sure!I got out of there in
one piece so I guess it went OK,but anyone who can do it for 12 hours at a
time should be Knighted!Good run Boyt!

      Also it should be noted that the Worlds 2002 is to be held at Zdenek
Benes' raceway in Pilsen,Czech Republic May 6th thru 12th,2002.

      Contact Zdenek Benes at:
      Phone/Fax - 420-19-7460382
      e-mail -

      Amateur 27 Light - 5/3/01

      TQ - Chris Schaffer - 2.187

      1st - Alan "The Finger" Cohen(USA)---722

      2nd - Chris Schaffer(USA)------------719

      3rd - Ralph Amitrano(USA)------------706

      4th - Crazy Bob(Mars)----------------688

      5th - Ryan McCarthy(USA)-------------681

      6th - Jerry Kastner(USA)-------------675

      The first time in the area for this class,it turned out to be a blast
for everyone.Local guy Alan proved that you can still be a good dude while
giving everyone "the finger"!

      Pro 27 Light - 5/3/01

      TQ - Bill Skinner - 2.156

      1st - Josef Korec(Czech)--------744

      2nd - Sherri Pederson(USA)-------743

      3rd - Osvaldo Vaccari(Brazil)---737

      4th - Bill Skinner(USA)---------724

      5th - Ralph Amitrano(USA)-------713

      6th - Alan Cohen(USA)-----------680

      7th - Dracula(Brazil)-----------669

      8th - Doug Bauer(USA)-----------649

      For a long time it looked like this was all Osvaldo's race,but Josef's
FIRST attempt at this class was a bit better.Despite a blown motor late in
one heat,Sherri came back to take second.Alan and Ralph apparently didn't
get enough in the amateur race and ran again!

      P.S. I always thought that Dracula was from Transylvania!

      Cobalt 12 - 5/4/01

      TQ - Rich Curnutte - 2.046

      1st - Beuf Pederson(USA)--------595 (world record)

      2nd - Benny Justice(USA)--------583

      3rd - Spove(USA)----------------578

      4th - Les Wright(USA)-----------574

      5th - Rich Curnutte(USA)--------557

      6th - Boyt Johnson(USA)---------553

      7th - Gu Gu Bernardino(Brazil)--543

      8th - Steve_____(****)----------426

      This race was followed by an arm dispute,blow torch and all,but was
settled to everyone's satisfaction.Congratulations Beuf!!

      GP 7 Warm-up - 5/4/01

      TQ - Lee Roberts - 1.684

      1st - Gu Gu Bernardino(Brazil)----1050

      2nd - Horky(Czech)----------------1006

      3rd - Vlado(Czech)----------------978

      4th - Mike Swiss(USA)-------------945

      5th - Mario Shone(Germany)--------927

      6th - Gordo(Brazil)---------------843

      7th - Anders Gustafson(Sweden)----820

      8th - Zdenek Benes(Czech)---------453


      Well the 2001 Worlds has come to an end.The racing throughout the week
has been as exciting as it comes.

      As usual the staff of Port Jeff Raceway pulled out all the stops to
ensure that this year's Worlds was a week to remember for all who attended.

      Many thanks to Doug Bauer for a great time as usual.

      Kudos and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bill Skinner,"Promoter Extrodinaire" for
his help and dedication to this event.



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