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I.M.C.A Worlds 2002

I.M.C.A. is hosting a couple of races 30 August - 1 September. There are three types of cars that will be used. First it's a Pla-Fit type of car with a hard plastic body which has to be a 2002 Nascar body.
Then we have an old timer car, still with the same type of chassis but with a kind of thick Lexan. The Swedish team will run a BMW 3.0 CSL Alpina.

The third type of car is the kind of Open Grp. 12 car that was run in Plzen. It is a free chassi powered with a C-can X-12 motor. Body has to be .010 thick Lexan and homoligated types exist both from Betta and JK.

 As a preview for the race you here have two images of my Ford #77 Jasper.

It is not yet finished. Other tires and rimes are two things that need to be changed.



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