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SSC Kvällsrace

The second Monday evening race in the fall season and with G-12 motors was run the 16:th of September.
15 drivers showed up for the race.

In qualifying a new sub 4 second time was run. This time it was Kenth Jansson who took the pole with a 3.979 lap.
2. Micke Eskilsson 4.059.
3. Rickard Lundh 4.086.

A new member and racer to the SSC club is Olle Söderholm. For those of you that know some Swedish slotracing- or R/C history he was heavily involved in development of motors etc. and was one of the members of "Sping". He worked for a few years in the States and made the main in the Worlds in California in the early 80:s.

The Atis computer system seemed to have some sort of hiccup which meant that the main was one minute shorter than it should have been.

Winner of the main was Micke Eskilsson.
2. Kenth Jansson
3. Rickard Lundh
4. Mats Hummel
5. Torgny Lundmark
6. Anders Lattermann

The next race is the 30:th of September.




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