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European Championship G-7. Zlin, Czech Republic.

2003 the club SRC Zlin hosted the European Championship for wing-cars. Their track is the one that was used in Vienna when they hosted races.
The format has been changed this year with the addition of a G-27 Light class.

All results taken from SRC Zlin homage

G-27 Light

The winner in G-27 Light was Vlado Okáli in front of Jiri Micec junior and Viktor Mechl


Vladimir Horky wins, yet again, a G-27 race. Second is Josef Korec and third Jari Portinen.
Fourth place 2002 World Champion Juha Yli-Sipola. Fifth, this year US Nats Champion Mikael Silén. Sixth Jiri M, junior. Seventh Vlado Okali and eight Douwe Banning who ones again is up there.


Josef Korec was second at the Nat's. He was second one's again in G-27 and now, finally, he managed to take the top spot winning the 2003 European Championship.
1. Josef Korec.    944
2. Juha Yli-Sipola 939
3. Vladimir Horky  922
4. Mario Schöne    879
5. Mikael Silén    871
6. Jari Portinen   863
7. Vlado Okali     685
8. Zdenen Benes    246

Five laps difference. I could have been more, or less. In the last two heats Juha pulled back 45 laps!
We have seen Juha being able to do thing like this before.
Horky had serious problems on black. Despite of that he is able to drive into third place.

Congratulation to the new winners.



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