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The Swedish Salooncupen. 3:rd round. Hörby 3:rd of May.

The bridge

This story will just contain images since I did not get any results with me.

Hörby track
The track

Hörby Junior Saloon Kai, Jonas, Evelina
Junior Saloon: 3:rd place Kai Embrey. Winner Jonas Wågman, 2:nd place Evelina Axelsson

Hörby Open 12
Open 12: 3:rd place Glenn Strid. Winner Kai Embrey. 2:nd place Evelina Axelsson.

Hörby Saloon Senior
Saloon Senior: 3:rd place Lasse Törn. Winner Michael Landrud. 2:nd place Lasse Åberg

Hörby Eurosport
Eurosport: 3:rd place Lasse Törn. Winner Lasse Åberg. 2:nd place Robert Karlsson.

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