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Kouvola 8-9:th of November 2003.

G-7 one motor race

Kouvola, Finland, hosted racing on their super fast Hasse King.
The place is neat and clean.
The track
As you can see, small details like the carpet on the walking bridge, gives good impression.

G-7 one motor race

Saturday started with the one motor G-7 race.
Anders Gustafson took an initial lead but in the fourth heat he lost a magnet and continued to race more than four heats with one magnet missing. Mikael Silén, who was chasing Anders, took over the lead and with high pace he stormed away to an easy win. In second place was Jari Portinen and in third Juha Yli-Sipola.

Juha, Mikael and Jari  
From left to right. Juha Yli-Sipola, Mikael Silén and Jari Porttinen.

Early on Mikael had some trouble after his car got stuck in one af the marshal's T-shirt.

Mikael and his car.
Chew on that.


Stefan Törnfeldt was outstanding in the qualifying. His time was the fastest time recorded in G-27,
1,791. Pekka Sippola was second with 1,833 and Jari Porttinen third 1,839.

Stefan record car
Stefan record car

In the main Anders Gustafson took the lead closely followed by the pack.  After a few heat Jari Porttinen was in the top.
Mikael Silén, who had a bad start, was going faster and faster and in the last heat he grabbed the third spot. These two drivers, Jari and Mikael, were the only ones to do more than 100 laps in a heat. Anders Gustafson took third place.

1. Jari Porttinen      789
2. Mikael Silén        766
3. Anders Gustafson    765
4. Juha Yli-Sipola     756
5. Lasse Åberg         726
6. Stefan Törnfeldt    713
7. Veli-Matti Kantamaa 634
8. Pekka Sippola       409

G-27 top 3
G-27. From left to right: Mikael Silén, Jari Porttinen and Anders Gustafson

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