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Partille 1/32 31:th of August

I don't have the results but I can tell you that Janne Ekman took home the win 1/32 Eurosport (or F1?)

Lars Thörn, Jan Ekman and Ulf Thörn
Third placed Lars Thörn, winner Janne Ekman and second place Ulf Thörn.

Janne Ekman, Mikael Landrud and Ulf Thörn
Janne Ekman, winner Mikael Landrud and Ulf Thörn.

Mikael also took home the win in an improvised Eurosport 1/24 race.

Mr. Berra
Mr. Berra.

Mr. Berra knows more about the races and results as well as taking pictures so I hope that you will be able to read more results about the weekend ad Sveslot's hompage under "Tävlingar" and "Resultat".




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