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Salooncupen race 1 Boxholm 1:st of Feb. 2003

The first race in Salooncupen was held in Boxholm (Sweden) on their Pelle Axelsson build track which dates back to 1979. 
 1983 they hosted the Swedish Championship in G-27 and G-7 but now it was time for Saloon (Grp12 and Flexi type of chassis). Juniors could also race Open G-12 (like in the Worlds in Plzen 2002) and the seniors Eurosport.

 Saloon qualifying

Kristoffer Johansson, 4.368 lap,  won the qualifying which is impressive since he came late for the race and did not get much of practice. What was even more impressing was that a junior, female,  took second place. 4.394 lap. She is the defending junior champion in this class. Mikael Gustavsson was third and the defending champion Michael Landerud fourth.

Open G-12 qualifying

Evelina Axelsson topped the chart with a 4.001 lap in front of Pierre Lindgren and Jonas Wågman.

Eurosport qualifying

Michael Landerud took home this qualifying, 3.526 in front of Robert Karlsson (running one of Michaels  car) 3.642. Third was Torbjörn Wågman  3.629.

Saloon race

The race was mixed with junior and senior up to the main where they were divided into two mains. One for the junior and one for the senior.

Before the mains started the cars were teched.

Saloon junior

It was quite clear that Evelina was the best today and she took home the win in the main.

1. Evelina Axelsson 202
2. Jonas Wågman     192
3. Pierre Lingren   176
4. Andreas Svensson 166
5. Andreas Jonsson  155
6. Robert Åhäll      69

Evenlia Axelsson
Winner Evelina Axelsson. Pelle Axelsson on the left

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