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Saloon, Boxholm

Saloon Senior

The defending champion Michael Landerud was an early pacesetter with Lasse Åberg on second place. The positions and laps between them jumped around a little depending on which lane they were on. Halfway into the race Michael ran into some crashes which left Lasse in the lead which he could hold onto to the end.

1. Lasse Åberg      220
2. Michael Landerud 218
3. Robert Karlsson  214
4. Lars Harrysson   204
5. Ove Halvarsson   186
6. Anders Gustafson 147

boxholm senior Robert Karlsson, Lasse Åberg, Michael Landerud
2:nd place Robert Karlsson, 1:st place Lasse Åberg and 3:rd place Michael Landerud

Open 12 winner Evelina Axelsson
Eurosport winner Michael Landerud.
To be continued with Open 12 and Eurosport...........




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