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Salooncupen round 4 Stenungsund
30 August, 2003

MK Stenungs hosted the fourth round of the Swedish Saloon cup on their 30 year old 4-lane track!
The track has been in the same location since 1973.
The classes ran were 1/24 Production with G-12 motors for junior and senior drivers. Open 12 for junior and finally Eurosport 1/24 for senior drivers.

The Saloon junior qualifying was won by Pierre Lindgren 4.602.
The Seniors qualifying was won by Mikael Landrud, or course, 4.175. Track record.
Open 12, Evelina Axelsson, 3.878. Track record.
Eurosport, Mikael Landrud, 3.268. Track record.

Saloon Junior

In the main Pierre Lindgren took an early lead. In the second heat he and Evelina Axelsson shared the lead but then streched away and won easily.

1. Pierre Lindgren  237
2. Jonas Wågman     229
3. Evelina Axelsson 228
4. Eric Signal      210

Saloon Junior Saloon Junior. Jonas Wågman, Pierre Lindgren and Evelina Axelsson

Saloon Senior

The top four qualifiers all went directly to semi A.
In semi B Lasse Åberg took an early lead in front of Stefan Törnfeldt, Ulf Törn and Kent Lundström. That was the order how they finished.
In semi A it looked the same. Mikael Landrud took an early lead in front of Anders Gustafson, Jan Ekman and Torbjörn Wågman. That was also in the order they finished.


To the main went two drivers from Semi A and two from Semi B.
The main was were close.
First heat. Mikael Landrud and Lasse Åberg 67 laps and Stefan Törnfeldt and Anders Gustafson 66 laps.
Second heat. Landrud extended his lead, 138 and Stefan catched Lasse, 135 with Anders in fourth 130
Third heat. Mikael is disappearing while things tightens up behind him. Lasse 200, Stefan 199, and Anders drives a fast heat and is now close behing the ones in front of him,198.
Fourth heat. Mikael looks to be on his way to an easy win but bad luck strikes him when his lead wire brakes in a crash. Stefan is faster than Lasse and is slowly catching him. Anders is also fast but has a few crashed. There are a few crashes towards the end and when the race is over Lasse stands as the winner.
1. Lasse Åberg      269
2. Stefan Törnfeldt 267
3. Anders Gustafson 265
4. Mikael Landrud   259

Open 12

Eric Signal and Pierre Lindgren has a one lap lead in front of Evelina Axelsson and Jonas Wågman. In the second and third heat Evelina and Eric is on the same lap. In the last heat Evelina took of and won, once again, a Open 12 race.

1. Evelina Axelsson  153
2. Eric Signal       150
3. Jonas Wågman      146
4. Pierre Lindgren   146

Open 12
From left to right: Eric Signal, Evelina Axelsson and Jonas Wågman.



Cars before the start. From left to right:
Jan Ekman, Mikael Landrud, Mikael Lindgren, Stefan Törnfeldt.

Jan Ekman and Mikael Lindgren starts with 44 laps. Stefan Törnfeldt 41 and Mikael Landrud 40.
In the second heat Mikael is up in the lead together with Jan 90 laps. In the third heat Mikael stamps his authority and goes into the lead.

1. Mikael Landrud   188
2. Jan Ekman        185
3. Mikael Lindgren  176
4. Stefan Törnfeldt 172
Mikael Landrud
Mikael Landrud winner of Eurosport.

From left to right: Janne Ekman, Mikael Landrud and Mikael Lindgren.



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