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SSC Kvällsrace G-27 Spray Glue

This was the first time we tried wing-cars and we raced G-27 spray glue. During practise people ran back and forth trying and cutting tires. In the end tires close to what is used in Saloon, but maybe narrower was used, a.k.a. Koford W to WX or Alpha Medium to Hard.
Some drivers even bought the cars prior to the race and had not driven the car 10 laps before the qualifying and drove badly in qualifying but, was able to learn the car, the track and move up to the main and finish third.
Who you may ask?
We will come to that.

The starting field was 11 G-27 cars.

Qualifying was won by one of SSC's non newcomers Mikael Eskilsson.

Unfortunately I do not have the results but either come back here or take a look at Torbjörn Lundkvists result site. They will probably show up there in a day or two.




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