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SSC Kvällsrace G-27 Spray Glue

Monday the 7:th of April was the second time we tried wing cars and we raced G-27 spray glue.
We missed our spray "guru" Rickard Lundh so the grip became different than last time.

In qualifying Mikael Eskilsson, 2,386, was unbeatable and he had a string of laps that were enough to win. The big surprise was Rickard Vikström, 2,506, from Västerås, who took the third place in front of Mats Hummel, 2,620. Fourth was Torbjörn Lundqvist 1,681 and those four went to quarter A.

Incidentally, the first time we raced G-27, the qualifying was also won by one Mikael Eskilsson.

Quarter B was won by Lasse Åberg in front of Torgny Lundmark. Leif Boman was third, Peter Lantz fourth and Ove Halvarsson fifth.
Quarter A saw Mats Hummel on first place in front of Mikael Eskilsson, Rickard Vikström and fourth Torbjörn Lundkvist.
The first three in Quarter A plus the winner in Quarter B went to the A main (semi A).

B Main

Torbjörn Lundkvist "Lunkan" took an early lead which he held on to until the end winning with a huge margin. Behind him it was closer and in the last heat the places 2-4 was open. It was crashes more that pure speed that determined the outcome.
1. Torbjörn Lundkvist    283
2. Peter Lantz           261
3. Torgny Lundmark       260
4. Leif Boman            256
5  Ove Halvarsson        DNF

A Main

The A main was pretty much like the B Main. Mikael Eskilsson took an early lead which he held onto until the race was over but, as with the B Main, a lot was on stake in the last heat.
Lasse took  back 6 laps from Mikael's lead in the last heat but, Mats, who was behind Lasse, took back 14 laps on Mikael and 12 laps on Lasse in the last heat which made everything closer that it looked like halfway.

1. Mikael Eskilsson    323
2. Lasse Åberg         321
3. Mats Hummel         316
4  Rickard Vikström    246

Tomorrow Tuesday is Day of Thunder when the Nascar hits the bank. Sorry, the track.
Next Monday is time for Saloon and then, during the weekend, it's time for RL Nats in Mönsterås.

See you there and then.




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