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SSC Kvällsrace G-27 Spray Glue

Monday the 5:th of May was the third  time we tried wing cars and we got the third winner.

In qualifying Mikael Eskilsson with a time of  2,552 won. Second place was Niclas Lindblom 2.592 and third Mats Hummel 2.653.

Mikael Eskilsson has won all three G-27 qualifying we have had.
PDF file with all qualifying results here.

Quarter B was won by Leif Boman whose laps was enough to give him a place in the A main.
Quarter A saw Lasse Åberg on first place.
PDF file with quarter B results here.
PDF file with quarter A results here.

B Main

Rickard Vikström took the lead in the first heat. In the second heat Torbjörn Lundkvist "Lunkan" took over the lead and these two drivers had a close race until the end of fifth heat when Rickard  and Lunkan shared the first place. In the sixth and last heat Lunkan had to retire due to a bearing failure which gave Rickard an easy win.
1. Rickard Vikström         255
2. Torbjörn Lundkvist       248
3. Peter Lantz              215
4. Robin Lundmark           200
5. Niclas Lindblom          104
6. Robin Bäcklund-Jakobsson 101

PDF file with all B main results here.

A Main

In the A Main Mats Hummel stamped his authority early on with a five lap lead after the first heat ahead of Rickard Lundh and Mats never let anyone get closer than three laps. With Mats win we have now had three different winner in the first three races.

1. Mats Hummel       331
2. Lasse Åberg       324
3. Rickard Lundh     312
4. Olle Söderholm    289
5. Leif Boman        233
6. Mikael Eskilsson   63

PDF file with all A main results here.
If we look back over the races we can se that the lap totals are getting better and better. Last race winner had for example 323 laps. 




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