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SSC Kvällsrace G-27 Spray Glue

Monday the 8:th of May. Still late summer and not that many wanted, on one of the nicest day in September, to climb down into a cellar.
Seven healthy and one limp driver (Peter Lantz) turned up to race.

In qualifying Lasse Åberg with a time of  2,484 won ahead of Mats Hummel 2.501 and Kenth Jansson third with a 2.656 lap. These three went to the A-main.
In the B-main Torbjörn Lundqvist, Peter Lantz and Mikael Eskilsson was found.
Most laps in either main will be the winner.

PDF file with all qualifying results here.

B Main

Mikael Eskilsson took the command right away and sprinted to an easy win. Behind him Lunkan and Lantz were fighting and halfway they were even, both standing on the straight in front of the drivers.
1. Mikael Eskilsson         286
2. Torbjörn Lundkvist       217  
3. Peter Lantz              197

PDF file with all B main results here.

A Main

In the A Kenth Jansson took the lead initially with Lasse on second place and Mats Hummel decided to pit to change for better tires in third. In the second heat Lasse passed Kenth but not for long. In the last two heats Kenth took of and one the A Main and the total race.

1. Kenth Jansson     323
2. Lasse Åberg       313
Mats Hummel       279

PDF file with all A main results here.

With this fourth race we have not had four different winners. We have not yet been really able to tune our cars good for the track but still there is an open race who will win.
Who will be the first to score two wins?




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