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SSC Evening race 1:st of  September

Monday evening. An early first race this fall with 9 drivers.
As race directors we saw a bunch of different volunteers, Peter Lantz, Niclas Lindblom and Torbjörn Lundkvist.


Olle Söderholm, won the qualifying 3.822 in front of Rickard Lundh  3.903 and Torgny Lundmark 3,924.
More results here. (in pdf-format)

Quarterfinals. (semi-finals)

In semi-final B Lasse Åberg 163 won in front of  Kenth Jansson 147 and  Enköpings Olle Halvarsson 141.
Quarter B results here.

In the A quarter  Richard Lundh won 168. Here Mikael Eskilsson were second 166, Marcus Hammenstad third on 162. Fourth, and the last one moving up to the A main was Olle Söderholm 161.
Torgny Lundmark, 152, missed out the main even that he was faster than the second placed Kenth from quarter B.
Quarter A results here.

Total results can be viewed here. (in pdf-format)

Main B

Torgny Lundmark won main B after a hard fight with Kenth Jansson.
1. Torgny Lundmark      245,80
2. Kenth Jansson        244,30
3. Ove Halvarsson       229,00
4. Örjan Lantz (retired)

Main A

In the A main Lasse Åberg took home the victory in front of Rickard Lundh and Marcus "the mailman" Hammenstad.
1. Lasse Åberg          248,40
2. Rickard Lundh        245,20
3. Marcus Hammenstad    238,80
4. Olle Söderholm       231,20
5. Mikael Eskilsson




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