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SSC "Kvällsrace" #4 3:rd of March 2003


We had 17 cars lined up for the race. The traction was a little bit more slippery than what we often have. The qualifying was impressive. The last racer did a 4.41 lap. In early November it was good for 11:th place.
We saw some familiar faces from the past. Bjarne Lilliendahl was the race director and one of his antagonists from long way back CoJo (Conny Johansson) raced.

Lasse Åberg took the pole this time, 3.905, in the absence of Olle who burned himself somewhere south in Europe. (He also drove 14 laps in the qualifying but Lattermann did not race so.. :-) ).
The qualifying results can be viewed here (pdf-format).


Quarterfinals were driven and their results are here.

Main B

In Main B (called Semi B in the papers) Ove Halvarsson took an early lead and held in on to the third heat when Torgny "Too Good" Nordgren passed him.
The race was a little bit rough early on but calmed down at the end. Hot drivers with fast motors and a little bit slippery could have been the cause.

Results in pdf-format can be read here.

Main A

In the Main A the absence of the "always in the main" Olle gave opportunities to other racers which they fought hard for. There were no new names but drivers familiar to drive the main.

The first head started in a high pace and when the first heat was run the difference between first and last was only two laps!

The second heat continued almost as good as the first heat. Lasse Åberg had the lead after the first heat with Kenth Jansson one lap behind and  Torbjörn "Lunkan" Lundkvist and Torgny Lundmark three  laps behind Kenth.

Third heat saw thing heating up more. Kenth Jansson took over the lead. Lasse was second and Torbjörn and Richard Lundh shared the third spot.

In the fourth heat Kenth expanded his lead now to two laps in front of Lasse. Richard retired and "Lunkan" had third place.

Fifth heat. Lasse took back four laps and was now in the lead two laps ahead of Kenth. Torgny and Mikael Eskilsson took five laps from Lunkan. Torgny and Lunkan shared the third place before the last heat with Mikael shadowing them.

Sixth heat and the top two hold their positions. Behind those two Torgny and Mikael drives hard and passes Lunkan. 

Back in October Lunkan would have got second place with his lap total.

Results in pdf-format can be viewed here.



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