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SSC Evening race #5 the 17:th of March

SSC hosted the second round of the Swedish Salooncupen during the weekend and already on Monday evening it was time again for an evening race.
It looked rather empty at the track but 15 cars teched in which is very good.

Race director was the legendary Bjarne Lilliendahl.


Kenth Jansson, who did not race during Saturday, turned a 4.001 early on but it was not enough to TQ.
Mikael Eskilsson, who did not race during Saturday, turned a 3.894 which should really give him the top honor in qualifying. But not.
Olle Söderholm, who did not race during Saturday, but showed up later during the day to watch, turned an impressive 3.891 but did not win qualifying.
Rickard Lundh, who did not race during Saturday, won qualifying lapping a 3.890 lap.
So we now had a qualifying where the top four were drivers that did not race during the Saloon cup. In fifth place we saw the Saloon cup winner Lasse Åberg.
A real fast and tough qualifying. More results here. (in pdf-format)

Quarterfinals. (semi-finals)

The quarterfinals were hard and the difference among the top 6 was only 10 laps.
Results can be viewed here. (in pdf-format)

Main B

Niclas Lindblom took an early lead. but got past after two heats but a couple of racers. Ove Halvarsson was in the lead halfway but Conny Johansson, who drove very consistent were up in the top before the last heat and then pulled away to a win.
More results can be read here. (in pdf-format)

Main A

Olle Söderholm took an early lead in front of Lasse Åberg and Kenth Jansson. Lasse, on a good lane, was able to go to the lead.
The third heat was very even. The difference in that heat was only two laps between the drivers.
It was a very close battle for second place. The last heats very fast and clean and at the end Lasse won in front of Mikael Eskilsson  who was two laps ahead of Olle Söderholm. On the same lap as Olle we found both Kenth Jansson and Rickard Lundh. In sixth Torgny Lundmark who for the second evening race in a row drove 239 laps.
More results can be looked at here. (in pdf-format)

What would have been the outcome in the Saturday race if those four, in the main tonight, that did not race during Saturday had been present then?




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