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SSC Evening race 13:th of  October

We had a starting field of 14 drivers tonight and Mr. Lilliendahl as race director.


The track did not produce, or rather, the drivers did not produce as fast qualifying as usual but, as usual, though, Olle Söderholm took the victory. 3,904. Second Lasse Åberg 3,922 and third Richard Lundh 4,041.
More results here. (in pdf-format)

Quarterfinals. (semi-finals)

In the C quarter Mikael Sundgren took home the win with 149 laps which was so good that it took him all the way to the Main A. Jens Andersson did well. Niklas Nordgren had pinion problems. When he gets rid of those he will be good placed.
Quarter C results here.

Mats Hummel easily won the B quarter and moved up to the A main. Kenth Jansson and Torgny Nordgren, 148 laps, were both very close to the Main A but had to race B.
Quarter B results here.

In the A quarter Lasse Åberg won in front of Richard Lundh, Olle Söderholm and Conny Johansson and all four went to Main A.
Quarter A results here.

Main B

Torgny Lundmark took home the win in front of Torbjörn Lundkvist with Kenth Jansson in third.
Behind them Jens Andersson took fourth, Peter Lantz fifth. Sixth place went to Marcus Hammenstad who had to leave due to sickness. (Damn sushi, maybe).

Main B results here.

Main A

Lasse took the lead initially but after the third heat Olle was in the lead in front of Richard. Lasse was third and Mats fourth. The race got more tight.
In the fifth heat Richard lost some laps under the bridge and Olle hit a car on the straight and lost some laps In the last heat Mats grabbed back a handful of laps and finished close to both Richard in second place and Olle in third.
Conny Johansson who has previously won two B mains in a row were now up in the A main driving fast.
Mikael Sundgren, who hadn't raced for a long time, did well in sixth place.

1. Lasse Åberg          243,60
Richard Lundh        237,50
Olle Söderholm       235,10
Mats Hummel          234,80
Conny Johansson
6. Mikael Sundgren      206,80

Main A results here

We thank the race director Bjarne Lilliendahl for all help and I have to thank Rune Syvén, who, by the way, had birthday today the 13:th. Because of that I used the car I once built for him in case he would came back to race some Saloon cars.



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