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SSC Evening race 15:th of  September

This Monday race saw a new top qualifier and one of our junior driver surprising  us in a positive way.


Olle Söderholm was absent so the table was open. Torgny Lundmark qualified early on with several sub 4 second laps. His best was 3,913. Rickard Lundh got close with a 3,930 but in the end no one was able to beat Torgny even that five drivers went below the 4 second mark and really tried.
More results here. (in pdf-format)

Quarterfinals. (semi-finals)

In semi-final B Marcus Hammenstad and Niclas Lindblom with a slow motor, took an early lead. Behind them it was close between Mats Hummel and Ove Halvarsson. In the last heats Niclas, with the gutter lanes and an even slower motor had to surrender to Ove and Mats.
Quarter B results here.

In the A quarter  Lars Åberg took the lead and it looked for a while that the top five or maybe six would go to the A main  The first to fail was Mikael Eskilsson who got a pinion problem and later Kenth Jansson had to retire with some mechanical trouble.
When all six segments had been driven only the first three went to the A main.
Quarter A results here.

Main B

Some early retirements meant that only three drivers came to the start. CoJo, (Conny Johansson) took a lead right away and didn't let any one get close to him. Niclas Lindblom continued with a slow motor which is likely to get some service at Hummeltech soon. Niclas finished second. Behind them Jens Andersson drove a good and steady race. Mikael Eskilsson did a short appearance driving three laps.
1. Conny Johansson           227,20
2. Niclas Lindblom           217,10
3. Jens Andersson            185,20
4. Mikael Eskilsson (retired)
5. Kenth Jansson    (retired)  0

Main B results here

Main A

Richard took the lead in the first heat. One lap ahead of Lasse with Torgny one lap behind him. In the second heat Lasse and Torgny passed Richard who was on red lane. Torgny held the second place until the last two heats when he on white and red got passed by Richard.
Mats and Marcus talked with each other most of the race enjoying each others mistakes.

1. Lasse Åberg               250,40
2. Rickard Lundh             243,30
3. Torgny Lundmark           238,80
Mats Hummel               223,00
Marcus Hammenstad
6. Ove Halvarsson            210,30

Main A results here



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