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SSC Evening race, Saloon, 24:th of November.

Tonight was the end of this seasons Saloon races.
A 17 capacity crowd turned up to drive plus some of the hard core Nascar drivers as spectators. From up north ( a little bit), Västerås and Enköping came Rickard, CoJo and Ove Halvarsson.


Olle was back in good form and took home yet another qualifying, 3,852.
Second was Lasse Åberg with 3,945 and third Richard Lundh, 3,959.
The qualifying list can be seen here.

Olle Söderholm   P-J
TQ Olle Söderholm.                       P-J showed up for the last race

Quarterfinal C

Quarterfinal C
From left to right: Michel Lorin, Manne Patti, Rickard Vikström, Peter Lantz and Örjan Lantz

Peter Lantz won the quarterfinal C and together with Rickard Vikström he moved up to the B Main.
Manni Patti went into early problems with bent axle etc. and Michel Lorin faced similar problem.
More results here.

Quarterfinal B

The quarterfinal B was really good driven and the top three all went to the A Main. This does not happened often.
The winner was Torgny Lundmark in front of Torgny Nordgren and in third Kenth Jansson.
More results here.

Quarterfinal A

The last quarterfinal was won by Rickard Lundh in front of Lasse Åberg and Olle Söderholm and these three drivers joined 2xTorgny and Kenth to the A Main.
Results here.

B Main

Marcus Hammenstad and Conny Johansson took the initial lead and halfway through the B Main Conny took over the lead which he held onto until the end winning with 3/10 of a lap in front of Marcus.
In third place came Mats Hummel followed by Mikael Sundgren, Peter Lantz and Rickard Vikström.

1. Conny Johanson    234
2. Marcus Hammenstad 233,70
3. Mats Hummel       229,80
4. Mikael Sundgren   223,90
5. Peter Lantz       214,90
6. Rickard Vikström  204,70

More results here.

A Main

The main consisted of  Kenth Jansson, Torgny Lundmark, Torgny Nordgren, Rickard Lundh, Lasse Åberg and Olle Söderholm.
When the first heat was run there was a one lap difference between the first and the last.

In the second heat Rickard Lundh took the lead almost a lap in front of Lasse on 84 laps. Kenth on 82. Olle and Torgny Lundmark both on 81 and  Torgny Nordgren on 80 laps.

The third saw Rickard in the lead with the same amount of laps as Lasse, 127. Kenth is third on 124 with Olle on 123. Torgny Lundmark on 121 and Torgny Nordgren with 120.

Rickard and Olle both started to run really fast lap times. Both did high 3.9's in the race on most of the lanes. Lasse 169. Rickard 168. Kenth 164 and Olle and Torgny L on 163 and Torgny N on 160.

In the fifth heat Rickard was fast again but was, together with Olle, really unlucky in traffic and crashes and could not gain on the speed.
Lasse 212. Rickard 211. Kenth and Olle 204. Torgny Lundmark 203 and Torgny Nordgren 199.

In the sixth and last head Lasse was on the fast orange while Rickard drove on white. After less than a minute Rickard had pulled back on Lasses lead and passed him. At the same time Olle, on a good blue lane, got passed by Kenth who was on the (early on) slow white lane. Halfway through the head Rickard crashed and lost his lead and Lasse could take it easy the last minute.

1. Lars Åberg      255,20
2. Rickard Lundh   253,80
3. Kenth Jansson   247,30
4. Olle Söderholm  245,40
5. Torgny Lundmark 243,70
6. Torgny Nordgren 238,80

During this season we have seen more than 2/3:rd of the field being able to drive below four second in practice and more than 1/3:rd being able to do that either in race or qualifying. With that in mind the next year will be interesting. A trend is that three drivers drives in most of the A Main but behind it's getting more and more fierce.
Late on in the season Torgny Nordgren has knocked on the door for the A Main and been there twice in a row. Torgny Lundmark is a trusty 243-247 laps driver.

Mikael Eskilsson was not present today but he is A Main driver. We have Marcus Hammenstad who needs a new body for the car. (His brother thinks Marcus needs a new body but not only for the car). Mats Hummel and Ove Halvarsson are two fast drivers who was not in the A main today and, of course, Conny Johansson, who has won several B Mains now.

We have drivers that drove Saloon this season but that lately focused on Nascar but who also has been in A Mains. I am thinking of Torbjörn Lundkvist and Niclas Lindblom.

The list goes on and on.



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