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SSC Evening race 27:th of October

17 happy faces showed up to race and we had Bjarne Lilliendahl as race director.


The fast qualifier Mikael Eskilsson started first and turned a rather slow 4,152 with a slipper car. Lasse Åberg was next just beating Mikael with a 4,141. Hmm, very slipper track indeed.
But, when it was Torgny Lundmarks turn to drive he drove a 3,969 lap and everyone was puzzled. Is the track slippery or not. Marcus Hammenstad qualified second from the end and with some help of glue on the tires! he just managed to beat Torgny. 3,964.
TQ Marcus Hammenstad  3,964
2:nd Torgny Lundmarks 3,969
3:rd Richard Lundh    4,010

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In the C quarter Niklas Nordgren narrowly  beat Peter Lantz  with 1/10:th of a lap. That difference meant that Niklas moved to the B Main and Peter not.
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B quarter saw Lasse Åberg winning in front of Mikael Eskilsson. A half lap of difference between them. Both went to the A main as fifth and sixth.
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A quarter. The top four all went to the A main. Pole setter Marcus Hammenstad won in front of Torgny Lundmark who was also second in the qualifying. Third was Ove Halvarsson and fourth Rickard Lundh.
Olle Söderholm, with a bad smelling engine, missed out the A main ending on the same lap as both Lasse and Mikael.
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B Main

The B main was a good and tight race. In the the first heat Mats Hummel and Torgny Nordgren were in front with Olle Söderholm, Leif Boman and Niclas Lindblom just behind. Mats and Olle kept pushing and from halfway and  towards the end it was a fight between those two. Olle were ahead most of the time and it ended so also.
Olle Söderholm  241,40
Mats Hummel     239,80
Leif Boman      231,20
Torgny Nordgren 227,70
Niclas Lindblom 224,50
Niklas Nordgren 165

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A Main

Due to somewhat more slippery track we had some really intense racing.
Ove Halvarsson, with a new car, took the lead in front of Marcus Hammenstad, Torgny Lundmark and Lasse Åberg.
In the third heat Torgny crashed and bent the guide which hampered his progress. Halfway Lasse was in a two lap lead in front of Ove who was one lap in front of Marcus.
In the last three heats the three drivers in the end managed to pull back laps on both Ove and Marcus making the end really tight and fun.
As you can see Marcus just managed to stay in front of Mikael who did not really have so much space between himself and Torgny.

Lasse Åberg       250,10
Ove Halvarsson    241,20
Marcus Hammenstad 237,70
Mikael Eskilsson  237,60
Torgny Lundmark   237,00
Rickard Lundh     235,80

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