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SSC Evening race 29:th of  September

10 drivers showed up for this weeks Monday race.


Mikael Eskilsson took home the qualifying turning a 3,863 lap in front of Olle Söderholm 3,870
More results here. (in pdf-format)

Quarterfinals. (semi-finals)

Mats Hummel easily won the B quarter and moved up to the A main.
Quarter B results here.

In the A quarter Mikael Eskilsson, the pole setter, took home the win after a strong finish.
Quarter A results here.

Main B

Conny Johansson grabbed a four lap lead already in the first heat and kept a high pace throughout the main. Behind and around him we saw early retirements, tired motors and gear problem.
This was the second B main victory in a row for Conny Johansson. This time seven laps faster than last race.
1. Conny Johansson           234,40
2. Marcus Hammenstad         190,00
Niclas Lindblom           166,00
4. Jens Andersson (retired)
5. Richard Lundh    (retired)  0

Main B results here

Main A

After the first head all five drivers were less then three laps apart with Mikael Eskilsson leading in front of  Lasse Åberg. Mikael slowly edged away heat by heat driving several high 3 sec. laps and low 4 sec. in the race. Lasse was close but in the last two heats Lasse lost pace and Torgny Lundmark started to close up.
Mikael took home everything this night, Qualifying, Semi and the Main.

1. Mikael Eskilsson          254,70
Lasse Åberg               248,20
3. Torgny Lundmark           246,80
Mats Hummel               235,20
Olle Söderholm

Main A results here



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