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SSC Evening race, "super pole", G-27 6:th of  October

 A low attendance, five racers, forced us to do a somewhat different race procedure.
Instead of a normal qualifying, semis etc. we only qualified but it was a five minute qualifying where the total amount of laps counted.


First up was Mikael Sundgren who borrowed a car from Lasse Åberg. It started well but then the car died after a few laps. His best lap time was a 2,78 which he felt happy about. We have not yet learned to handle our race computer. To stop the qualifying and skip to the next driver did not work so his laps and time got overwritten by practice runs from Leif Boman.

Next up was Leif Boman who had a ill handling car  turning 70 laps. After the race we did some tests with different tires and bodies and found a much better combination.

Third up was Torbjörn Lundkvist with Mats Hummels car and he turned 91 laps and got some valuable practice for tomorrow's Nascar race.

Fourth to race was last G-27 race winner, Kenth Jansson. He drove really fast and deslotted only twice. Most of  his laps was faster than the time qualifying of last race. He turned 119 laps which was far more than anyone of had expected to be possible.

Last up was Lasse Åberg who could not match Kenths speed and hoped to stay on the track but he also deslotted twice and drove slower than Kenth. He stopped on 115 laps.

Kenth Jansson is the first one this season to win twice.

Seeing how fast a middle lane can be with spray Glue we more and more think about the idea of having a spray glue race.

More results here. (in pdf-format)



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