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SSC G-27 Try out series 17:th of November

This was the last G-27 race this season. Who would win?
The race was open. If Mikael Eskilsson wins in front Kenth Jansson then Mikael wins the series. If Mats Hummel wins qualifying and the race then he wins. If he wins the race and beats Lasse in qualifying he also wins the series. If..... then.. wins. It was open.

Seven drivers showed up tonight and we ran a round robin system where four drivers drove at the time.


Top qualifier was Kenth Jansson 2,347. His time looked to be unbeatable but it came close when Rickard Lundh drove 2,352 and other close laps.  Third came Lasse Åberg with 2,456 with Mats Hummel in fourth with a 2,487 lap.


Mats Hummel showed early on that he would be tough to beat. Kenth Jansson was also fast.
In the first heat Peter Lantz spun a tire and then got confused. It's not my car he said!
He had, by mistake, taken Torbjörn Lundkvist car. Both car features the same type of paint scheme since both the cars comes from the same source. Since we ran a round robin race it was kind of difficult to keep track of the results. What was clear was that Mats and Kenth were the fastest.

1. Mats Hummel         219
2. Kenth Jansson       206
3. Lasse Åberg         186
4. Mikael Eskilsson    178
5. Torbjörn Lundkvist  158
6. Peter Lantz         115
7. Rickard Lundh, DNF,  104

Who won then? Well Mats Hummel did the job by winning the race. He did not have to TQ but he had to beat Lasse in qualifying which should not be that hard but, he didn't.  12/1000 of  a second faster time was all he needed.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the last Nascar race for the season. Torbjörn Lundkvist has already won that series but the places behind is still open.
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