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Svenska Cupen 15 March at SSC

Stockholm Slotcar Club hosted the second round in the Swedish Salooncupen 2003.
Most of the drivers showed up on Friday evening to get some practice and early on it was a lot of grip which shouldn't be a surprise anymore.
On Saturday morning there a few hours or practice and then the tech. inspection where the race director Niclas Lindblom and Torbjörn Lundkvist checked the cars with assistance of Sveslot's Lars Harrysson.


In the Open 12 class Evelina Axelsson tq: with an impressive 3.822 lap.
In Saloon Junior Evelina, again, was the fastest with a  4.202 lap.
Saloon Senior Janne Ekman turned a 4.014 lap.
Eurosport, the same Janne Ekman, with a 3.152 lap.

Open 12

Evelina takes an early lead but towards the end of the first heat her cars starts to sound bad indicating a gear failure to come. She pulls over just before the end to change gear. Jessica Palmqvist is second and Jimmy Månström third. This is Jimmy first race against other than club members and he is driving quite impressive considering that.

In the second heat Evelina has a second gear going down.. Mikael Palmqvist takes the lead in front of his sister Jessica with Jimmy in third.
Third heat and third gear for Evelina. No change in positions.
Fourth heat so no changes except that the distance between the top three shrinked.
Fifth heat and sixth heat. No changes.

Mikael wins in front of sister Jessica with Jimmy Månström in third.
More results here. (in PDF-format).


One of the favorites in Eurosport, top qualifier, Janne Ekman, is out already in the semis after a heavy crash.
In the main Michael Landrud is in a class of his own now when Janne isn't present. Second most of the time is Kenth Jansson and third sees a lot of changes until Lasse Åberg finally takes that sport.
More results here. (in PDF-format).

Saloon Junior

Evelina Axelsson takes an early lead in front of Jimmy Månström and Jessica Palmqvist. In the second heat Evelina pulls away and Mikael Palmqvist takes second place in front of Jimmy.
In the third heat Mikael and Jimmy passes Evelina who has an ill handling car.  After the fourth heat Jimmy is now leading in front of Mikael and third Evelina.
Fifth heat. Jimmy is leading one lap in front of Mikael who is three laps in front of Evelina.
In the last heat it is very tight and in the end Mikael wins one lap ahead of Jimmy who is one lap ahead of Evelina. A close finnish.
More results here. (in PDF-format).

Saloon Senior

This was the last race for the day. A lot of well known faces on the starting grid. Torgny Nordgren who races in in the 70:s and early 80:s was a joker in the field. It was a very tight race early on were for or five drivers were on the lead lap. Halfway through the race it was getting more and more into a battle between Michael Landrud and Lasse Åberg.  Michael's motor seemed to lose some speed towards the end of the main which made life more difficult.
The race was won by Lasse in front of Michael and Janne Ekman.
More results here. (in PDF-format).

The whole race day was ran efficient by Niclas Lindblom who had the talkative Anders Lattermann besides him.
Thanks to all who helped out with preparing for the race and getting tables and chairs. Helping out in the bar and so on.
Thank you all.

More results here.



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