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World Championship scale racing, Brno, Czech Republic.
1/32 Eurosport & 1/24 Eurosport

1/32 Eurosport, Korec takes his second title

Josef Korec, CZE, takes his second title during the week winning the 1/32 class in front of his countrymen and team partner from the production race Vladimir Horky.
In third place Michael Landrud, SWE, who once again reaches the podium.
In fourth we find Recek in front of the first of the Fyhr brothers, Einarii Fyhr.
Tomas Rosenberg, CZE, sixth, Poledna seventh and Matti, FIN, eight.

1/24 Eurosport. Landrud takes his second title

Before Landrud started to race scale cars a semifinal place would have been a great achievement for a Swede in this class which has been dominated by the Czechs lately and by British and Italians earlier. Michael is a wing car racer who entered the scale arena.
His win in 1/24 seems, according to the lap results, to have been "easy".
Italy's Piero Castricone took second place in front of Radek Pavlis, CZE.
Tomas Rosenberg were once again in the main taking the fourth place.
Vladimir Horky was in the main again, fifth place.
The Britt, Brian Saunder took sixth place with Jiri Karlik, CZE, in seventh and Pavel Flasig, CZE, in eight.

These results and more can be found at ISRA 2003 site.

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