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A new "Czech" wins 1/32 Formula 1 in Brno, Czech Republic.

Congratulations to the new 1/32 Formula 1 World Champion Michael Landrud.

Well, Michael Landrud, from Sweden, is hardly a Czech but after the dominants of the Czechs he is truly as good as one.
He was not alone on the podium. The younger of the Finnish Fyhr brothers, Matti, joined him in second place. Third was Paolo Triglio.
It was very close to be a a second Fyhr on the podium. Matti's older brother Einari was fourth with the same amount of laps as the third placed Paolo Triglio. Even that there were no Czech on the rostrum they had three drivers in the main so they are still the dominant force in scale racing.
The Fyhr brothers has done well reaching the main in both Production, third place, and Formula 1 second and fourth.
Is it their turn next time to win?

1/32 Formula 1. Image link to
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What is a 1/32 Formula 1 car then? Well, probably the most difficult car to drive there is. Fast motors in an inline configuration combined with a narrow whell base and a low downforce body. If I would start to race new classes I would probably try a handful other ones before I even take a glance on these machines.

The next classes to be run is 1/32 Eurosport and 1/24 Eurosport.
You can find more results at ISRA 2003 site.

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