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I.M.C.A X-mas race 2003

Tre Kronor
"Tre Kronor"  Three Crowns, the Swedish Official symbol

IMCA hosted the X-mas race at the 20:th of December in Aalst, Belgium. Statistics and result can be found at IMCA s web site.
We, the Swedish drivers, (Stefan Törnfeldt, Anders Gustafson, Mikael Silén, Michael Landrud and Lasse Åberg) arrived by air to Brussel  International airport from where we took the train to Aalst. Just across the street from the train station in Aalst were the hotel and not far from the hotel we found the track. I will come back to how we got from the track back.

When we started practice on Friday we, early on, found the track slippery. When I did some laps around the outer lane I couldn't avoid hitting the fences around the track.

77 Jasper showing damage
Rear end bumper showing evidence on close encounter

Since our hotel, were also other racers stayed, were a part of a pub we had to se what they had to offer.
Guinness??? I'm from Denmark I only drink Carlsberg.
No worry, the pub got sponsored from Guinness but they actually served Carlsberg.

43 Stopping by to buy a newspaper
The 43 car stopping to buy some newspaper before the start.

Run, run, it's soon time to start
Better to run since it soon time to start tech and to race.

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